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NEW! One of the next exhibitions will take place in London: Gagliadi Gallery, May 6th - May 15th 2011 ... www.gagliardi.org

NEW! Discover more details in the photographs. This new feature allows you to zoom and pan through the photographs in the original resolution. You just need Microsoft Silverlight (recommended) or Adobe flash (installed on most PCs, but slower). Just click on one of the links left to "Salumeria Rovera" and navigate through the photograph (using your wheel on the mouse to zoom and the left button to pan). More under Quality of photographs.

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NEW photographs in the category Orta San Giulio. More under Orta San Giulio - Details.

I am very happy to announce that my pictures "Trampolino 3", Orta "1/9" and "Chiesa dell Assunta" won the first prize of the "Oxford Society Group" in the category "Award for Digital Art" at the prestigious "International Award for Digital and Photographic Art 2010" at the art mueum Chianciano Terme in Tuskany, Italy.

160 photographers from 35 countries participated in this year's competition. Here is the link to the museum: www.museodarte.org/photography_award

The exhibition "Visitatori" 2010 in Orta San Giulio has ended. The photographs are now shown in the gallery:

Galerie OrtArte
Via Olina 9
28016 Orta San Giulio, NO

Here you can download the current flyers:

Flyer DE: Flyer IT: Flyer ENG:

Here are some pictures of the closed exhibition in Orta:

of the pictures here are shown in the area Cologne / Bonn, Germany:

Insel Hotel
Theaterplatz 5
53177 Bonn


All pictures shown here can be ordered. For others than the given dimensions and papers please don not hesitate to contact me.


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